The consultation and examination 

At your first visit to the clinic, you can expect a thorough consultation and examination, to find the underlying causes of your symptoms. You will be asked to complete a Case History form, detailing your current and past health history. This information will form part of the bigger picture to understand the cause of your particular ailment. 
The objective of the examination is to identify the muscle imbalances that have a detrimental affect upon the joints of your body. Some muscle groups become too tense and some become too flaccid (weak). These muscle imbalances pull bones out of place and also determine your posture. Muscle imbalances can cause your spine and other joints to move abnormally – resulting in inflammation and/or trapped nerves. 

Your bespoke treatment 

We are all unique - which requires a bespoke treatment, in order to achieve the optimal outcome. The treatment programme is designed to restore 'balance' to the tone of your muscles and to restore normal joint movement. 
To reduce tension within tight muscles, I will either use a hand-held instrument, called an Activator or deep / heavy percussion. Both of which activate stretch receptor cells within the muscles. When activated, there is a neurological reflex that results in a relaxation the tight muscle. I also utilise light vibration to stimulate muscle cells to increase the tone of flacid muscles. The examination will determine exactly which muscles to sedate and which to stimulate. Once I have addressed your muscular imbalance, then relatively gentle adjustments to your pelvis and sacrum can be made (if appropriate). 
These adjustment help remove excess stress upon your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles - returning you to good health. The gentle adjustments made to your body, will be specific to your particular ailment. You will remain fully clothed throughout, with the exception of removing your shoes. 
After the treatment has been completed, you will receive a verbal report of the examination findings, your treatment plan and a rehabilitation exercise programme. 

Why choose this clinic? 

The Family Chiropractic Clinic in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport can offer you a new and extraordinary treatment, to help you become pain free again. I combine my extensive knowledge of ‘clinical neurology’ with a relatively gentle (no-cracking) treatment protocol to treat many difficult and chronic ailments. 
This is not just a quick-fix, but can be a long-term solution to your aches and pains. A simple home exercise programme will also help make lasting changes. Many patients comment on how relaxed they are during the treatment. This gentle treatment would be suitable for all ages and conditions. 


I went because I was getting headaches and felt tight around the neck. After a few sessions it had completely eased and I no longer get the headaches. Highly recommended. 





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